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What is water? Water is a simple combination of hydrogen and oxygen sometimes called H2O. It’s made up of one oxygen atom  attached to two hydrogen atoms which makes up a water molecule. They create extremely strong bonds which can last for millions of years.

A water molecule showing the oxygen atom and the two hydrogen atoms.


Water is something we use to wash our hands with, to cook food with, to entertain ourselves with, to play sports with and to drink, but did you  know that this crucial natural resource that we would all die with out is running out? Our world consists of many vast oceans, lakes and seas that cover 2 thirds of our land, yet only 3% is fresh water and only a minuscule percentage of 1% can be of use and accessible to humans. One of the main reasons why our most important natural resource is disappearing is due to water pollution. We need to take action now and help save clean fresh water for the generations to come. If not, with the amount of fresh water that we consume each day, water would be running out faster than you would think, therefore we should protect our limited supply of water source and prevent water pollution as much as possible.

To show the comparisons of the availability of water on earth, I’ve created a powerpoint presentation showing all of my graphs & other imformation. Through this presentation, you will see the earth’s water divided into differnt categories, and the percentage of the water that’s useable by us humans and animals. Enjoy! (:


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